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If you would like to send us a testimonial, please send us a letter or email with your thoughts and let us know that we have your permission to add it to our testimonial page.

Here are some actual testimonials from the loved ones of some of our previous patients:


I would like to add a testimonial to your website. OUR experience with Maggie's Hospice Cottonwood began January 2024 when our mother became ill and needed Hospice care. Even after her passing June 2024 they cared enough to offer us bereavement counseling. She was assigned a team that included C.C. (RN), J.E. (CNA), and B.K. ( Chaplin). This team is considered family. They have treated our family like their own. They took exceptional care of our mother. From day 1 they treated her like she may have been their own mother. They were caring and understanding. They made sure she was comfortable and would go beyond what they needed to do to make sure of it. We will miss their visits and smiles that they brought to our mother face. We will think of them often. We thank them for all they did for us. We highly recommend Maggie's Hospice Cottonwood, you won't find anyone that will take care of a loved one like they do. We don't believe any other company could compare to their standards.

 M.H. Family  - 6/6/24


I don't know where to begin or how to thank you and your staff for being there for J.H. and for me. Your staff is outstanding and I am sure there is a place in heaven for each of them. I did not know this world has so many caring and loving people. I cannot remember all of them by name but I can tell you that the visits from N.S., K.S., S.C., B.K., C.B. and L.D. were just what J.H. and I needed. They are all keepers. I must tell you that N.S., the nurse who came most often could not have been better for J.C.’s spirits and well-being. God Bless you and your staff





To the wonderful people who are Maggie's Hospice, my family is so grateful for the support and guidance you provided for us and for my mother. And particular thanks to the nurse who stayed with us for hours as my mother neared the end of her life. The nurse’s skill and attention helped to keep my mother comfortable, and her calm and comfortable presence helped to keep myself and my family calm and present. She knew just how to support us and how to facilitate our supporting my mother. She helped us make my mother's passing a beautiful and sweet experience. I truly believe that if more people had this kind of support there would be much less fear and death and dying. I know I have a new and much more positive relationship with the process. We are forever grateful.


Dear Friends at Maggie's Hospice,


I want to express my gratitude to each and every person who helped us through the last months of my husband' J.H.'s life. The nurses and caregivers not only made sure everything was okay with him but also wanted to make sure everybody close to him was OK too. I will forever be grateful to Maggie's Hospice for not only providing us with the medical assistance needed but also for the amazing love and patience that they provided as well. So, to Maggie's Hospice, thank you so very much from me and my husband's daughter. May you all continue providing patients and families with your unique loving care, comfort, and reassurance that everything will be OK. 


With love and gratitude,




Maggie's Hospice,


We didn't know how home hospice worked. I believe the Veterans Administration specifically referred us to you. We did not know what wonderful nurses would come and bring a ray of sunshine and hope with them twice a week. H.S. appreciated the quiet listening and care from your nurse, she understood what he was feeling on other levels, and calmed his fears regarding the time clock on his life. She brought a smile and positive attitude with her each visit. Everyone who came was genuine and caring. The nurse that was with me at the end was quiet and understanding, I so appreciated her. Thank you to everyone there. Maggie's is a blessing for those of us going through an end of life tragedy. I will never forget them.




Dear Dr. P and staff,


My son and I want to thank you for your words of comfort and prayers. E.G. was not the best patient as time went on, but you provided the best care possible. He passed peacefully as he took his last breath and slept. We are all so grateful for all that you did for him.




L and E.G.


Dear Maggie's Hospice Staff,


I want to thank each of you who cared for my husband B.B. from the bottom of my heart. You gave him comfort and loving care when he most needed it and made the quality of his life during the final months and days as good as it was possible to be. The work you do to provide

comfort to the dying and their families is of immeasurable value. We are profoundly grateful.


Sincerely ,




To all the wonderful people who knew and took care of my father,


I am so grateful for all of you in my difficult time. I feel very lucky to have had my father as long as I did. You were there for him as nurses, friends, and were like family to him.

Love you all,






Letter to the Editor of The Daily Courrier, September 15th, 2017






A shout-out to Maggie’s Hospice Care! In July of 2017, my mother, L.B., became ill enough to require end of life care due to cancer. Maggie’s was recommended to us, and a representative arrived at our home immediately. They began to help us make decisions about her care. The nurses who came to our home, and the nurse’s aide, were wonderful to my mother, and others were always on call to answer questions and help with all the things we had never experienced before. I had always heard about how wonderful in-home hospice care was, but until actually experiencing their involvement I had no real idea how much they would go “above and beyond” for the patient and the family. It is a blessing to have hospice care such as this available in our community, and my family and I want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Maggie’s Hospice Care. Thank you!






I would like to thank Maggie’s Hospice for endlessly being there for my mother JH through tears and laughter. Her nurse, JK, was always attune to her multiple medical issues and Pastor BD tirelessly helped her through her most trying times spiritually. Once again thanks so much to all at the home and hospice who were there steady and consistent until Jody’s last breath.  




Dear Maggies,

I appreciate everything you did to help my wife and myself. With your guiding in the right 

direction, I was able to see my wife & hold her every day before her passing. Your kindness 

is deeply appreciated and will always be remembered.

R.S.  (10/26/2020)


“My sister and I are grateful beyond words for the wonderful care and support the team at Maggie’s Hospice gave our 95-year-old Dad – and us – as he lay dying.  Dad had fallen and broken his hip and was taken to YRMC.  When the hospital case worker called us, we made it clear we wanted Dad brought home under hospice care.   Another hospice company had told us Dad would be brought home Sunday; Sunday morning they told us this was not possible.  That’s when we found Maggie’s Hospice – what a gift from heaven!  Everyone we dealt with at Maggie’s was awesome – so compassionate, skilled and professional!  Our wonderful interaction began with initial phone calls from a transitional care specialist and a nurse from Maggie's, who quickly arranged for hospital equipment to be delivered to our home, in preparation for dad’s arrival.  They helped us arrange for dad to get home from the hospital, and then followed-up with in-person visit from another Maggie’s nurse.  Dad died peacefully at home on Monday.  The bereavement coordinator kindly called later to make sure we were doing okay and if there was anything more Maggie’s could do.     


Thank you, Maggie’s Hospice, for being rays of sunshine at a difficult time! 


Diane A. and Eileen T.  (02/08/21)


Maggie's Hospice were the most gracious help we had at the time of my fathers passing. We had all the medical support and mental support that anyone could have had. My father was in an assisted living facility and I observer several hospice organization visiting patience, but Maggie's Hospice went above and beyond with their care. I would recommend their services to anyone in their time of need.

Rebecca T (11/19/21)

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